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Rodong Sinmun on Absolute Loyalty to Respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- Powerful strength should be provided for socialism to dynamically advance along the orbit of victory, Rodong Sinmun Sunday stresses in an article.

The strength is just the people's infinite mental power with loyalty to the leader as its core, the article says, and goes on:

All the people's absolute loyalty to the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un is the climate of our Party and state demonstrating only victories and the inexhaustible motive force dynamically propelling the overall development of Korean-style socialism.

The absolute loyalty to the respected General Secretary is the mental strength that enables our people to think and act only in accordance with the idea and will of the Party Central Committee.

The strength of the popular masses precisely means the strength of ideology, and the absolute might of Korean-style socialism lies in the fact that all the people breathe and move with one ideology and will. The people who think and act in accordance with their leader's plan and intentions and share their destiny with the leader will never waver in the face of any difficulties.

The absolute loyalty to the respected General Secretary is the driving force that enables our people to work ceaseless miracles and changes in socialist construction.

The leader's wise guidance and the absolute loyalty to the leader are the source of inexhaustible strength that propels our revolution.

In the new century of Juche, our revolution has successfully braved untold hardships on the strength of trust and loyalty established between the leader and his soldiers, recording brilliant victories and miracles in socialist construction of our own style.

The absolute loyalty to the respected General Secretary is nourishment that makes our people live up to the benevolence and favors of the Party and the state with revolutionary conscience and obligation.

The mind of our people following the respected General Secretary with deep reverence is the purest thoughts and feelings, and it is immutable as there can neither be any limit nor be standard in it.

All the officials, Party members and working people should more thoroughly prepare themselves as passionate loyal subjects and persons strong in mental power, who share the idea, breathe the same air and keep step with the respected General Secretary, to consolidate our revolutionary position in every way and hasten the overall development and prosperity of Korean-style socialist construction.

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