calendar>>April 3. 2023 Juche 112
Campaign to Overcome Drought Damage Launched
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- South Hwanghae Province of the DPRK directs efforts to preventing drought damage to crops.

The provincial rural economy committee is conducting a dynamic operation and guidance to ensure spring farming and prevent drought damage.

It has made sure that farms push ahead with the current farm work, while taking measures to irrigate the farm fields until the end of the dry spell.

In particular, it is organizing the work for concentrating manpower on city and counties with many farm fields vulnerable to drought.

Counties in Yonbaek Plain distribute manpower properly in the wheat and barley fields vulnerable to drought in order to raise the work efficiency per hour and ensure the full operation of pumping equipment.

Officials and agricultural workers in Anak and Sinchon counties water the fields in a planned and intensive way while spraying growth promoter and efficacious nutritive liquid.

Jaeryong County, too, ensures maximum efficiency of watering.

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