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Ideology-First Mode is Unique Revolutionary Mode of WPK: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- An article of Rodong Sinmun Monday recalls the revolutionary slogan "Let Party information workers become powerful loudspeakers and hi-fi amplifiers faithful to the Party Central Committee!" set forth by the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un in his letter to the participants in the first workshop of officials in the information field of the Workers' Party of Korea one year ago.

The slogan carries the great trust and expectation of the Party Central Committee for the Party information workers to fulfill their heavy responsibility and duties in steadily augmenting the might of single-minded unity of our revolutionary ranks and in making strong faith and enthusiasm prevail throughout the country, the article notes, adding:

Ideology-first mode is a key to overcoming hardship and winning new victories and a revolutionary mode peculiar to the Workers' Party of Korea.

To uphold the slogan higher is all the more necessary to successfully push forward the cause of imbuing the entire Party and the whole society with the monolithic idea of the Party Central Committee. Only then is it possible to consolidate the politico-ideological might, the foremost strength of our Party and social system, and victoriously push forward the socialist construction of our own style.

Upholding the slogan is also needed to forcefully step up the overall development of socialist construction through fierce drive of carrying out the Party's policies.

The on-going struggle for expediting the new victory in the socialist construction of our own style is in other words the drive for implementing the Party's ideology and defending the Party's policies.

The people's ideological and mental power is a key to tiding over hardship and is a source of creating miracles, and no hurdle is insurmountable and no fortress is unconquerable for the ideologically awakened people.

All the workers in the Party information field should fulfill their roles as powerful loudspeakers and hi-fi amplifiers true to the intention of the great Party Central Committee and unfold a new history of vibrant and dynamic revolution with the might of ideology.

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