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Expansion of NATO Brings New Disaster: International Affairs Analyst
Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- Kim Yu Chol, an international affairs analyst released the following article titled "Expansion of NATO brings new disaster" on April 7:

Finland in Northern Europe officially joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on April 4 with the approval of its 30 member states.

As already known, NATO promised not to pursue its expansion targeted at Russia even an inch after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. But this aggressive military bloc broke that promise and further scaled itself up by accepting 14 East European and Baltic nations as its member states on five occasions from 1999 to 2020.

By granting Finland membership, NATO has reneged again on the "firm commitment" it made before Russia and the world, the sixth of its brazen-faced dishonesty.

Angry Russia strongly reacts to it, saying if Nordic countries join NATO, they will find themselves on the forefront of Russia-NATO showdown, being exposed to a tit-for-tat threat from Russia.

Finland's admission to NATO resulted in an increase of the length of Russia's border with NATO from 1,200 km to 2,500 km. Moreover, the Baltic Sea linking Russia to the Atlantic has turned into a "sea of NATO." In the light of this fact, Russia's reaction is natural.

Time flies along with the arrival of new eras, but the U.S. remains unchanged in its black-hearted aim to strangle its strategic rival permanently and establish a unipolar world under its control by maintaining the worn-out military and political alliance.

To gratify its endless ambition, the U.S. seeks to tighten its control over its junior allies in Asia and inveigle them into realizing its wild dream for dominating the world by establishing Asian-version NATOs like AUKUS and QUAD.

NATO continues its busy advance toward the Asia-Pacific region this year as it did last year. We know well who stands behind this movement and what dangerous strategic scenario lurks behind it.

Recently, Japan and south Korean puppets are working hard to find themselves in the shade of NATO. This provokes concern that another "Ukrainian crisis" might break out in the Asia-Pacific region.

As illustrated by the present Ukrainian situation, any country NATO's tentacles reach is surely torn by armed conflicts and war that cause bloodshed.

Herein lies the gravity of the expansion of the war machine NATO.

A bad beginning makes a worse ending. The U.S. ill-advised strategy to build "global NATO" beyond the boundary of its courtyard called North Atlantic is a pipedream that will end in self-destruction.

Some countries in the Asia-Pacific region trying to jump the queue for the NATO-bound train ticket should bear in mind that NATO is by no means a "cradle of happiness" but the frontline trench to be used by the U.S. as its primary bullet shield and cannon fodder.

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