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Father of Socialist Korea
Pyongyang, April 15 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung is the father of socialist Korea who built Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses.

The history of his leadership over state building is shining as the one of building a socialist state centered on the popular masses on this land, where the people's genuine life is brought into full bloom and happiness of posterity is guaranteed, regarding it as his lifelong motto and political creed to believe in the people as in Heaven.

It is his noble outlook on the people that there is no such precious being as the popular masses in the world and that nothing is greater honor and worth than to serve them.

In his teens, the President set forth the programme of revolutionary struggle for building a country where the people are the masters of everything and everything serves them and paved an untrodden path for building a genuine socialist society where the aspirations and demands of the masses are realized.

He set it as the supreme principle of party and state activities to steadily improve the people's living standard and made sure that the Party and the state provide the people with everything such as food, clothing, housing, learning and medical treatment, and devoted his all to the people all his life.

He enforced the best people-oriented policies for learning and medical treatment during the Fatherland Liberation War, which still touches the hearts of the Korean people.

The President, who made socialism deeply rooted in the people's mind and life, is the benefactor and father who provided the Korean people with the cradle of genuine life and guaranteed their eternal happiness.

Today the Korean people more keenly feel the benevolence of the President who built a socialist state centered on the popular masses, while experiencing the true nature of the DPRK which invariably enforces the people-oriented policies and gives top priority to the people's demands and interests.

On the occasion of the Day of the Sun, they are filled with the determination to glorify the DPRK as a socialist country where the people's ideals and happiness are translated into reality, conveying the benevolence of the President forever.

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