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President Kim Il Sung Praised Abroad
Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- The congratulatory messages and letters sent on the occasion of the Day of the Sun reflect the international community's ardent reverence for President Kim Il Sung who made great contributions to the prosperity of the country and the accomplishment of the cause of global independence with his outstanding idea and rare leadership.

The general secretary of the Communist Party of Mauritius said that Comrade Kim Il Sung, through his revolutionary practice, proved that independence is the justice of history, the victory of the revolution and the basis of the development of fair international relations, adding that he led the trend of history in the 20th century to independence, thus opening up a new history in which the popular masses independently carry out the revolution in their own country free from domination and submission.

Kim Il Sung, who founded the great guiding idea in the era of independence and laid an eternal foundation for accomplishing the cause of independence of the popular masses, the socialist cause, will always be alive as the sun of Juche, he said.

The chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (United Socialism) said that the exploits of the great Comrade Kim Il Sung, who liberated Korea from the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule, founded a dignified independent and sovereign state and honorably defended the sovereignty of the country and nation in the three-year war, would shine forever.

The chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party "Russian Communists" said that the exploits of the great Comrade Kim Il Sung who provided the firm Russia-DPRK friendship and good-neighbourly relations are kept deep in the hearts of the Russian people.

The general secretary of the Popular Revolutionary Party of the DR Congo praised Kim Il Sung as the founder of socialist Korea and the eternal President of the DPRK who built a country centered on the popular masses with his noble benevolent politics, regarding it as his lifelong motto to believe in the people as in Heaven.

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