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Korean Dancing Choreography
Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Korean dancing choreography is unique, being reflective of the physical constitutions, aesthetic sense, mentality and lifestyle of the Korean people. It is characterized by soft and elegant portrayal with appropriate combination of leg movements to arm movements.

The Korean dancing choreography has been steadily inherited and developed throughout the nation's history of over 5,000 years.

In the ancient times it was first created to suit to the physical constitutions and sentiment of the Koreans. Later in the period of the three kingdoms it adopted its unique national characteristics in terms of pose and portrayal. This can be seen in mural paintings of Koguryo and other relics featuring dancing.

For example, during the period of the three kingdoms, people in Korea and its neighboring countries wore long-sleeve clothes. Noticeable in the mural paintings of Koguryo is the dancers holding their arms to the front or to the side with the sleeves hanging down. This shows that long-sleeve dance of Koguryo was delicate and elegant characterized by soft movement of sleeves, to the tune of emotional music.

In the period of Koryo, the dancing choreography made further development, showing the commonality of heritage and culture of the homogeneous Korean nation. The folklore dance was a typical dance that adopted the Korean choreography.

The Korean dancing choreography of long history and tradition is a proud cultural treasure, offering intensive and intuitive look into the time-honored history and culture of the homogeneous Korean nation.

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