calendar>>May 9. 2023 Juche 112
Efforts Focused on Mineral Production and Readjustment and Reinforcement
Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- The mining industrial sector in the DPRK is striving to revitalize the production of nonferrous metals, one of the 12 major goals for national economic development, and to readjust and reinforce production processes and equipment.

The December 5 Youth Mine is speeding up a belt conveyor project for expanding the production capacity, while putting the existing mineral production on a normal basis by mobilizing reserves and potentialities to the maximum.

Officials and workers of the Hyesan Youth Mine boost production while giving priority to tunneling and earth removal and, at the same time, push ahead with a drainage system project as scheduled to provide a guarantee for increasing the mineral production.

The Unpha Mine has pushed ahead with the repair and maintenance of mineral production and transport system and a project for expanding the capacity of ore dressing plant.

The Munphyong Smeltery has directed efforts to establishing a new production process capable of increasing the actual extraction rate of products while reducing the consumption of electricity.

The Jongju micronutrient super phosphate lime fertilizer factory is making sure that the producers raise their technique and skill level and thus increase the present production and carry out the goal for readjustment and reinforcement.

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