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Mausoleum of King Tongmyong
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- In Ryongsan-ri, Ryokpho District of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, there is the Mausoleum of King Tongmyong (B.C. 298 - B.C. 259), founder of Koguryo renowned as a powerful state for a thousand years in the Korean nation's history.

The mausoleum was newly reconstructed in May Juche 82 (1993) under the wise guidance of President Kim Il Sung who always paid deep attention to inheriting and developing the national cultural heritage.

He took a measure to unearth and ascertain the mausoleum in an all-round way in August Juche 42 (1953), shortly after the end of the Fatherland Liberation War. Since then, he had visited the mausoleum several times for decades to give clear answers to the questions arising in unearthing and restoring it one by one.

Thanks to his warm love for the nation and devotion, the mausoleum, which had been consigned to oblivion for many years without being recognized as the tomb of the founder of Koguryo, could newly show its majestic figure and be built into a precious legacy and treasure of the Korean nation.

Going round the remodeled mausoleum on May 16, Juche 82 (1993), he set forth important guidelines for inheriting and developing the national cultural heritage.

Standing before its gate is the monument bearing on inscription of the autograph of the President reading "Monument to Reconstruction of Mausoleum of King Tongmyong".

In front of the mausoleum are stone altar, stone lamps and sculptures of military officers, civil officials and horses and other sculptures, and in left and right sides are tiger sculptures symbolizing bravery.

At a place for memorial service which was built in the style of Koguryo, there are murals showing the history of powerful Koguryo.

The mausoleum tells the President's devotion made to preserve and glorify the time-honored history and brilliant culture of the Korean nation and his noble love for the nation through centuries and chronicles.

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