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S. Korean Workers Stage All-out Strike in Protest against Traitor Yoon Suk Yeol
Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) -- South Korean workers staged an all-out strike demanding traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's resignation in Seoul on May 16 and 17.

The strike involved more than 85,000 workers affiliated to the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and its branches.

During the two-day general strike, there took place rallies in demand of traitor Yoon's resignation on the theme "Let's go all out for the struggle for ousting Yoon Suk Yeol!"

Speakers there accused the Yoon "administration" of enslaving the workers and sacrificing them for retrieving itself from ruinous diplomacy always ending in disastrous flops.

Participants in the rallies hosted by the freight workers' solidarity, construction workers' union and metal workers' union said hideous Yoon Suk Yeol must be ousted to rescue workers, recalling police investigation troops are unreasonably hauling off workers.

Saying that they have never lived a peaceful day for a year since Yoon took office, they deplored they would be exposed to lingering pain and deathly life as long as his "regime" remains intact.

The chairperson of the above-said confederation called on its 1.2 million trade union members to turn out in a campaign for ousting the Yoon regime and force the mastermind of suppressing trade unions to kneel down before workers.

The chairperson of the construction workers' union under the confederation also called for launching an intensive campaign for ousting Yoon, saying "Yoon's one year in office caused troubles only, turning the construction field into a theater of irregularities." He called for dealing a heavy blow to construction capital by launching an all-out strike of its 70 thousand members, following martyr Yang Hoe Dong.

Participants in the rallies shouted slogans "We must struggle not to live the morrow worse than today", "Only struggle can help attain our goal", "We have neither room nor reason to step back" and "Let's go all out for struggle!"

Had we, workers, done our bit and the confederation staged a proper struggle, we would not have met such tragedy, they deplored, expressing their will to launch a struggle for ousting Yoon, together with the poor, women, the youth and other people on this land. They called on the public to wage a struggle to prevent the repetition of such tragedy.

Ringing out from the crowds were such slogans as "We can no longer live as workers without due payment for our hard work", "Let us surely oust Yoon's regime", "Let's realize the martyr's desire through the struggle of 1.2 million members of the confederation", "Yoon is plunging this land into disaster", "A club is fit for such a mad dog" and "Let's end the Yoon regime through an all-out strike."

Then they staged a demo, chanting such slogans as "Yoon, step down. It is our martyr's desire" and "Let's foil Yoon's crackdown on the construction workers' union!"

More than 35,000 members of the construction workers' union under the confederation gathered in Seoul on May 16 for an all-out strike rally. The participants urged the regime to stop suppression of their union and punishing the mastermind behind coercive investigation, calling for inheriting the spirit of martyr Yang Hoe Dong and ousting the Yoon regime.

Then the organization joined the all-out strike hosted by the confederation on May 17.

Media reported that all workers have risen up against Yoon, gathering in Seoul and staging diverse struggles, adding artistes sing a song titled "One Front" to encourage the workers out in the struggle for ousting Yoon.

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