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U.S. Is Hastening Final Ruin of Ukraine
Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) -- Kim Myong Chol, an international affairs analyst, released the following article under the title "The U.S. is hastening the final ruin of Ukraine" on May 19:

One year ago, we made a judgment that the Ukrainian crisis precisely means the U.S. crisis and the final loser will be the U.S.

At present, 450 days after the start of the Ukrainian crisis, a direct product of the U.S. strategy for pressing Russia, we witness the U.S. and the Western group crossing the red-line bereft of reason.

The U.S. was "cautious" about the support of military hardware to Ukraine, talking about the "support of weapons for defence" at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis. But when the situation in Ukraine has been confirmed to be prolonged, it is revealing its true nature and inciting massive arms support.

The portable anti-armour and anti-aircraft missiles such as Javelin and Stinger were largely supplied in the past, but today the HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and Patriot anti-missile systems, which are known as self-styled "high-tech weapons", are being used in the Ukrainian battlefield, and Abrams American MBTs are expected to reveal their ugly figures sooner or later.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian mercenaries are armed with American weapons and trained in American style, and are driven into the bloody battle field again. And instructors dispatched by the U.S. are directly in command of the Ukrainian mercenaries.

The present U.S. administration, which will soon go into the state default on debt as the world's biggest debtor, has made a decision to render emergency security support to Ukraine worth 45 billion U.S. dollars and is encouraging its followers to render unsparing aid to Ukraine.

Up to now, the U.S.-led NATO member states have provided Ukraine with lethal weapons and equipment worth 71 billion U.S. dollars, including over 230 MBTs such as Leopard-2 and Challenger 2, 1,550 armored vehicles, drones, helicopters, large caliber guns and ammunition of various calibers.

The recent offer of Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles with hundreds of kilometers of range by Britain shows that Western forces are trying to expand the bloody Ukrainian battlefield to the deep areas of Russia.

It is a matter of time that the U.S. adds new precision strike means including ATACMS missiles to be mounted on HIMARS.

The U.S. and its allies' transfer of precision strike means to Ukraine is the most obvious declaration of war against Russia and a direct military action threatening the sovereignty of Russia and its territorial security.

It is as clear as noonday that the Ukrainian military gangsters, who flew drones over the Kremlin of Moscow, an inviolable territory of Russia, will commit dangerous hooliganism with missiles from the U.S. and the West.

Therefore, the U.S. has crossed the most dangerous red line.

The gravity of the situation is not limited to the European continent.

South Korea has so far handed over 800,000 large-caliber artillery shells to Ukraine in a round-about way, deceiving others like an alley cat. Now it openly reveals its will to supply lethal weapons, volunteering to become one of the belligerent countries against Russia.

The anxious fact that one million large-caliber artillery shells to be supplied to Ukraine by the U.S. are being produced in south Korea proves that the war clouds of the European continent are finally hanging over the Asia-Pacific region and the Ukrainian crisis is, in fact, turning into a new world war.

The U.S. and its followers are making desperate efforts to reduce Ukraine into a test site of their lethal weapons and a theatre of a proxy war and defeat Russia at any cost while rendering military aid running at an astronomical figure. This is nothing but the last-ditch efforts of those nearing their last moments.

It is the tradition of victory and disposition peculiar to the Russian nation that it has repelled the invasion of foreign aggressors and totally destroyed their den.

The U.S. and Western forces are most afraid that Russia's victory will not end only in a defeat of Ukraine but lead to the collapse and ruin of the U.S.-led Western world.

That's why they are seeking to prolong the crisis with their absurd weapon supports to Ukraine while loudly calling for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian issue.

The collective arms support being made under the manipulation of the present U.S. administration to put the whole of Europe under the U.S. security umbrella, far from the interests of European countries, do not accelerate the end of the dispute but delay the end of the war, endangering regional peace and destroying human civilization.

The crimes of the U.S. and other Western countries, which have systematically encroached upon the legal security interests of a sovereign state for decades in a bid to maintain their supremacy, have been described as "just" acts, and sovereign state's legitimate countermeasures for self-defence have been branded as acts of "aggression" and "provocations". Such unfair behavior should never be allowed.

The U.S. and its vassal forces are embellishing their lethal weapon assistance to Ukraine as an act for "defence of peace" and "legal defence" while describing the international community's just support to Russia as "conspiracy" with the "aggressor", so as to turn black into white. But they can never cover up the truth.

A loud voice never makes falsehood truth, and many conspirators never turn injustice into justice.

The U.S. and its vassal forces would be well-advised to always remember that they are contending against the courageous and heroic Russian army and people by whom the righteous and powerful friendly states aspiring to peace and truth are always standing.

It is high time for the just international community to turn out in high spirits for Russia's victory.

Many weapons and ammunitions provided by Ukraine's "allies" have made it a big explosive warehouse, and a Russia's single blow will wipe out everything in Ukraine, creating a great mushroom cloud.

Zelenskiy and his clique, stooges most faithful to the U.S., who put the destiny of the Ukrainian people in the bloody hands of foreign forces, have already been defeated and sentenced to a miserable doom.

The U.S. and its vassal forces will be next.

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