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Australia Has No Future: International Affairs Analyst of DPRK
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- Ri Jong Su, an international affairs analyst, issued the following article titled "Australia obsessed with pro-U.S. sycophancy has no future" on May 28:

Australia has betrayed its true colors once again as it feels sad when it is said that it is not the best at kowtowing to the U.S.

To cite the recent example, the foreign ministry of this country announced the extension of what it called the independent sanctions upon the DPRK.

The foreign ministry of Australia, which had placed two individuals and six companies on the independent sanctions list in 2017, extended the sanctions upon those in 2020. On May 12, it took the same measure, saying "north Korea and those helping it evade sanctions will be held accountable continuously."

It has been already proved as the common recognition by the international community and the truth that such U.S.-made rotten cord called sanctions can never tie up the DPRK.

However, Australia has not yet dropped the anachronistic old state and sense of dreamlike mission, failing to face up to such reality. One cannot but feel sorry about this.

Cervantes, a famous Spanish writer, left a novel titled "Don Quixote" for human literature.

His novel described Don Quixote as the one who regarded it as his "mission" and "duty" "devoting himself to mankind" to "set right the wrong things and get rid of damage, touring the world."

The U.S. can be called modern Don Quixote as it causes chaos across the world, deeming it as its gifted nature to dominate the world. Australia can be termed the incarnation of Sancho Panza who is a squire following Don Quixote out of his dream for becoming the governor of an island.

Australia, which had formed alliance with the U.S. before any other countries, occasioned by the emergence of ANZUS in September 1951, is the top-class lackey of the U.S. It is illustrated by the fact that Japan concluded a security treaty with the U.S. in April 1952 and south Korea a mutual defense treaty in October 1953.

Australia joined SEATO, a regional military alliance formed by the U.S. in 1954. In 1956 it found itself in the Five Eyes (U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand), an intelligence alliance, in which each country allegedly monitors all countries and nations except the Anglo Saxons after dividing the world into five regions. Australia has been the most faithful servant of the U.S.

But what Australia got for its loyalty were the remains of its soldiers who were killed in the battlefields of aggression wars ignited by the U.S. in different parts of the world including Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

An Australian institute in a commentary released in September 2011 to mark the 60th anniversary of Australia's alliance with the U.S. noted that Australia has served the stronger at any cost.

This could be a comment that almost correctly and frankly acknowledged the past history of Australia which has maintained its existence by blindly following the U.S.

Australia, which has found itself in such U.S.-led exclusive alliances as QUAD and AUKUS, oft-repeating someone's "threat", will soon possess a nuclear-powered submarine granted by the U.S. This shows that Australia seeks to play the role of a scout party and shock brigade for realizing the U.S. wild ambition for dominating the world, oblivious of the lesson taught by its past.

Australia is also taking the lead in the U.S. sanctions and pressure aimed to stamp out the DPRK's sovereignty and rights to self-defence and existence.

When its U.S. master termed someone "evil" and "hooligan", Australia has been busy echoing it, as evidenced by the fact that it has been involved in all mad-cap U.S.-led war exercises aimed to ignite the second Korean war such as Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drill and Ssangyong combined landing drill.

Australia has continuously declared independent sanctions upon the DPRK since the "sanctions resolution" No. 1718 was released against the entirely just first nuclear test of the DPRK in October 2006. Furthermore, it has deployed various warships and fighters in the waters off the Korean Peninsula in total of 19 times under the pretext of monitoring someone's "illegal maritime activities" since 2018.

Australia seemingly behaves like a puppy unafraid of a tiger and makes no scruple of plunging itself into hell, without consideration of the opponent's weight and the bout result, if it is wanted and ordered by the U.S. This is the true appearance of Australia hell-bent on sycophancy to the U.S.

Those who forgot their past are bound to repeat the past.

It seems that the politicians of Australia play down 340, the number of its soldiers who met meaningless deaths in the Korean War provoked by the U.S.

Australia will never expect a bright future as long as it goes along with such disgusting name as faithful lackey and dog of the U.S., no matter it come to have a nuclear-powered sub or something more than it.

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