June 5. 2023 Juche 112
Letter of Loyalty Relay Teams Visit Statues of Great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
Several Sectors and Units Fulfill Plans for May
Growing Enthusiasm for Supporting Rural Areas
Manuring and Cultivation of Crops Properly Conducted in Rural Areas
More Facilities for Milk Powder Production Established
Iron Ore Production Increases in Musan Mining Complex
Progress Made in Building up Foundation for Development of Fisheries
New Stamps Depict Magpie, National Bird of Korea
People's Trust in Leadership and Policies of WPK Is Immutable: Rodong Sinmun

For Spanish-speaking People
Caravanas de carrera de relevos rinden homenaje a grandes Lideres antecesores
Se cumple el plan de produccion para mayo en varios dominios de la economia nacional
Se aumenta el fervor de ayuda al campo
Se presta atencion al abonamiento y cuidado de maiz

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