calendar>>June 1. 2023 Juche 112
Hwangju-Kindung Waterway Project Makes Headway
Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The project for Hwangju-Kindung gravity-fed waterway is progressing apace in the DPRK under the Workers' Party of Korea's grand nature-remaking plan.

The waterway construction division has introduced advanced building methods and steadily raised the proportion of mechanization in the work, while mobilizing all possibilities and reserves for shortening the period of the project.

The members of the Pyongyang City brigade finished the pipe-burying project and bridge construction in a short span of time by concentrating their force and means.

The South Phyongan Provincial brigade mainly finished the waterway tunnel project under its charge.

Similar successes have been made by other units involved in the waterway project.

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