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Many Korean Lads Volunteer for Difficult and Labor Consuming Fields
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- So far, more than 100 000 youths of the DPRK have volunteered to work at theaters for the country's prosperity and the people's wellbeing, true to the resolutions of the 6th and 7th plenary meetings of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea this year.

The respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un laid out a grandiose plan for staging a bigger capital city construction this year, the third year of construction of 50 000 flats in Pyongyang Municipality, and entrusted the young people with the whole project to build a new street in Pyongyang.

When he was present at the groundbreaking ceremony for a project to build a new street in the Sopho area of Pyongyang on Feb. 25 this year, he highly praised the mental state and mettle of the youngsters who are devoting themselves to realizing the Party's plans and placed his great trust in them, saying that the youth vanguard should become the backbone in the ongoing struggle for socialist construction.

Blessed by the great father, young people across the country vied with another in turning out in the posts called by the country, keeping pace the young shock brigade members at the construction sites in Pyongyang.

Among them are graduates from a university of education who took roots of life in the Paektu area and youth league members who started to turn over a new leaf in pits thousands of feet deep.

Youth league members of Jangyon, Sinchon and Unchon counties of South Hwanghae Province decided to work for socialist farms and lots of youngsters of Pyongyang Municipality and North Hwanghae Province perform feats at farm fields.

Those of North and South Phyongan provinces volunteered to work at mines and power plants.

During the first half of the year, over 180 youths volunteered to work at schools in frontline areas, islands and mountainous and rural areas. Among them are graduates from universities of education and teacher training colleges in Wonsan and Hamhung cities, who petitioned to work there in April.

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