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Successes Made in Acrobatics Field of DPRK
Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) -- It has been 30 years since the publication of Chairman Kim Jong Il's famous work "Theory of Circus".

The work, published on June 29, Juche 82 (1993), serves as an immortal banner and driving force for development as it has enabled the Korean acrobatics to shine all over the world as the most progressive and popular acrobatics representing the era of independence.

Thanks to the famous work which indicated the principles and ways to be maintained in the building of the Juche-oriented acrobatics and the fundamental principles and methods of creating acrobatics, the acrobatics field of the DPRK has produced many masterpieces and won titles at international circus festivals more than 80 times over the past 30 years, obtaining a lot of cups and gold medals.

The Chairman, who illuminated the orientation and ways for the Juche-oriented acrobatics, had always paid deep attention to the development of the acrobatics and energetically guided it.

Under his guidance, physical acrobatics and functional and illusionary juggleries were created and completed as the masterpieces of the era with high ideological and artistic value, thus giving revolutionary optimism and emotion to the people.

The Juche-oriented acrobatics has been further developed thanks to the wise guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who is creditably carrying forward the Chairman's Juche-oriented idea and theory on literature and art.

A magical festival was included in the April Spring People's Art Festival to be held on the occasion of the significant Day of the Sun under the guidance of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who taught the orientation and ways for raising the Korean magic to the world level and encouraged the magic in the whole society.

The development of the Juche-oriented acrobatics was fully demonstrated at the international circus festivals.

The DPRK acrobats won two gold lion prizes at the 12th Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival and won gold prizes, the top prize of the festival, at Monte Carlo International Circus Festival several times.

The world circus festival "Idol-2018" held in Russia in September 2018 awarded to the Korean physical acrobatics "Wire-dancing" all three top gold prizes set by the organizing committee of the festival for the first time in its history.

Along with the proud development of the Juche-based acrobatics, many recipients of state commendations and honorary title holders including winner of Kim Il Sung Prize, Labor Hero, People's Artist, People's Artiste, Merited Artist and Merited Artiste were produced.

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