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Article of Military Commentator of DPRK
Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- A military commentator of the DPRK released an article titled "Justifying impudent provocation will only bring about the dangerous result of escalating regional tensions" on Thursday.

The full text of the article said:

Entering July, the U.S. reconnaissance assets are steadily committing provocative espionage acts, which can no longer be overlooked. As a result, the military tensions on the Korean peninsula are inching close to the worst crisis.

Aerial reconnaissance means of the U.S. forces illegally intruded into the economic water zone where the sovereignty of the DPRK is exercised more than 30 times between July 2 and 10.

As regards the grave situation in which the U.S. provocative espionage is getting undisguised, the Korean People's Army (KPA) sent a clear and strong warning to the U.S. by dispatching air force fighters and expelling U.S. air force strategic reconnaissance planes. It also clearly warned that a special incident may occur if such action is done again.

This is a clear manifestation of the DPRK's will to defend peace and its patience to prevent military conflict that may lead to the worst crisis on the Korean peninsula where nukes and nukes are standing face to face and to control the present dangerous situation.

Nevertheless, the hostile forces are going reckless in their moves to justify their shameless military provocations while branding the DPRK's warning as "far-fetched assertion".

The south Korean puppet Joint Chiefs of Staff patronized the U.S. master's criminal act, insisting that it is an "unreasonable assertion contrary to the fact" that the U.S. air reconnaissance means illegally intruded into the economic water zone of the DPRK side and it is aimed to obtain a pretext of provocation.

The puppet forces who have nothing to do with the issue of the DPRK-U.S. relations, made reckless remarks, prompted by the instigation of the U.S. So, we clarified our stand again and again.

When its trick to cover up its criminal acts through its servant didn't work, the U.S. talked volubly and reluctantly before the eyes of the world that it is engrossed in safe and responsible flying, navigating and carrying out operations together with its allies and partners in any places permitted by international law, and schemed to mislead the international opinion, trumpeting as if the DPRK was escalating tensions.

What merits serious attention is that recently the U.S. has urgently deployed a formation of B-1B strategic bombers from its mainland in Misawa air force base in Japan near the Korean peninsula through its successive provocative and shameless aerial espionage acts.

Some days ago, the U.S. increased the number of B-52H nuclear strategic bombers on Guam to eight. This time, its additional deployment of nuclear strategic asset around the Korean peninsula makes clear the intention of the U.S. talking incoherently to justify the recently increasing air espionage acts.

The U.S. is now claiming that its spy plane has implemented the "freedom of navigation" in the sky over the open sea under international law.

The airspace that the U.S. insists on the sky over the open sea is the one above the economic water zone in the East Sea of Korea where the sovereignty of the DPRK is exercised from A to Z and, therefore, it is part of the DPRK's airspace even an inch of which can never be conceded.

As the U.S. knows this well, it had so far restrained espionage in the sky over the water zone, and the DPRK, too, has not taken direct counteraction against the military acts committed outside the economic water zone.

Of course, it is not that there is no military danger when the RC-135S, a strategic reconnaissance plane with high observation and reconnaissance capabilities, takes acts outside the DPRK's economic water zone, but the DPRK has acted thoroughly in accordance with the requirements of international law.

After all, this time the U.S. branded the DPRK's just warning as "groundless accusation," only to betray for itself its arrogant and self-contradictory behavior of abandoning its decades-long habitual practices without scruple.

The "denial" of the international legal position of the economic water zone impudently advocated by the puppet forces is nothing but a gangster-like sophism which interpreted the basic spirit and relevant provisions of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea to suit their taste.

The convention clearly stipulates that the freedom of navigation in the economic water zone shall be guaranteed under the conditions that the security and interests of a coastal state are not encroached.

According to this logic, the puppet forces unilaterally set up "ship control zone" and "air defence identification zone" in the East, West and South seas of Korea, and are making a great fuss, claiming that the flights of the warplanes of the neighboring countries in the sky above the vicinity of south Korea are "intrusion" while obstructing all the sailing of DPRK vessels.

According to the logic of the puppet forces, the intelligence reconnaissance activities of the DPRK's warships and fighters in the economic water zone or in the sky above the "air defence identification zone" of south Korea can be interpreted otherwise than the ones done as required by international law.

Japan, too, should be called into question as it pokes and pries whether the DPRK's projectiles are landed on inside or outside of the exclusive economic zone whenever it tests projectiles.

The hostile forces should objectively look at such reality and clearly express their stand on it.

The situation on the Korean peninsula is a dangerous one in which fire and nukes could come to grips anytime, and so, it is as clear as noonday that the future situation will be developed into an unpredictable state as the hostile forces' moves to justify their impudent provocative moves are becoming more undisguised.

Sovereignty is, indeed, the dignity and life of the DPRK and its people and the DPRK's self-defence capability with the nuclear force as its pivot is fully ready to perfectly carry out the sacred mission and duty for defending its sovereignty without an inch of deflection anytime.

As those who are fond of playing with fire are destined to perish in the flames, it will be difficult to defend one's own sovereignty in the end if one does not respect the sovereignty of the other party.

Stressing again, the hostile forces should think to the maximum, being aware that to test the DPRK's will to defend its sovereignty is a dangerous act of expanding the continuous war into a nuclear war.

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