calendar>>July 14. 2023 Juche 112
Measures for Preventing Damage by Forest Pest Taken
Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) -- A brisk campaign is being launched across the DPRK to implement the Workers' Party of Korea's policy on decisively preventing forest damage.

The General Bureau of Forestry under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection has given priority to the work for supplying various kinds of agricultural chemicals to every province and worked out technical guidelines for exterminating harmful insects and sent them, while directing efforts to putting the monitoring on an IT basis.

North Phyongan Province has carried out pest prevention including the spraying of chemical and biological pesticide in special forests and forest areas of various reserves, while ensuring that cities and counties have increased their monitoring posts and enhanced the role of forest rangers and pest observers.

Similar successes are witnessed in North Hamgyong Province and South Phyongan Province.

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