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Technical Innovations Invented by Three-Revolution Teams in DPRK
Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- Three-revolution team members active in Kangwon Province of the DPRK are contributing to the regional economic development and improvement of people's living with their sci-tech achievements.

True to the idea of the Workers' Party of Korea on transforming those units in line with the demands of the three revolutions with the technical revolution as a main link, they invented and introduced more than 100 valuable technical innovations in the first half of the year.

Those active in Anbyon County manufactured agrochemicals sprayers and weeders to raise the rate of mechanization in farming and introduced effective additives conducive to raising the yield of early-ripening crops.

Those dispatched to the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory made solvent by their own efforts and technology to provide a guarantee for raising the quality and production of shoes.

Three-revolution team members active in Kosan and Changdo counties settled various technical problems necessary for propelling the rural housing construction and increasing the grain production.

Those members, dispatched to the provincial information and communication bureau, raised the proportion of home-made materials needed for modernizing communications and those in the Munphyong Smeltery introduced an automatic power factor compensator to reduce the loss in transmission of electric power and increase the productivity.

Those active in other units, too, have striven to attain higher technical innovation goals.

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