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Mass Movements Conducted by Korean Workers during War
Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- During the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953), workers of the DPRK boosted the production through various mass movements to send more war supplies including ammunitions to the Korean People's Army soldiers.

The front work-team movement was the most typical mass struggle for increased production waged by the working class.

The emulation drive for increased production, including the front work-team movement, multi-machine tending movement and the movement for new creative ideas, was launched in provinces, cities, counties, factories, mines, collieries and fishing villages across the country, and those movements brought about great achievements in the rear.

Workers of the Ryongsong Machine Factory initiated an increased production movement for two or three workers and made innovations. And those of the crude steel workshop of the Hwanghae Iron Works organized a shock brigade called "spirit of victory" and fulfilled their daily production plan at over 140 percent.

Workers of the forging shop of the Songjin Steel Plant conducted a campaign for doubling production, while organizing overtime work to expand the successes.

The workers in the field of the mining industry raised the first torch of the movement for creating new norms. The movement widely spread out among the workers in other sectors of the national economy and new norms were created in succession at every production unit.

Amid the campaign for economizing funds, raw materials and oil waged in combination with a campaign for lowering the production cost, the production yields of industrial establishments were further raised and many more military supplies were sent to the war front.

In the second half of 1952 alone, major factories and mines in North Phyongan, Jagang and Kangwon provinces saved a lot of funds to benefit the country.

Like this, the mass movements of workers, who displayed the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and matchless heroic self-sacrificing spirit at every worksite during the war, made a great contribution to winning the victory in the war.

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