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Congratulatory Message of C.C., WPK to All Civilians and Servicepersons of DPRK
Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) on Thursday sent a congratulatory message to all the DPRK civilians and service personnel of the Korean People's Army who made an immortal contribution to glorifying the tradition of victory of the heroic Korea.

The WPK Central Committee in the message paid high tribute to the war veterans and persons of wartime merits across the country, who performed immortal heroic feats in the past Fatherland Liberation War under the outstanding leadership of President Kim Il Sung, and extended warm congratulations to all the civilians and service personnel across the country, who have vigorously pushed the DPRK to today full of glory by giving full play to the matchless self-sacrificing spirit and devotion in every annals of the revolution, on the occasion of the significant V-Day.

70 years since the V-Day are a proud course in which the DPRK has put its national power and prestige onto the highest level and brought about epoch-making changes in all fields of state building by firmly preserving and steadily developing the honor and tradition of the war victory in the 1950s, the message said.

It noted the truth has been clearly proved that the road of Juche chosen by the DPRK is the most dignified way to live, though it is arduous and stern, and that only the state building up its own strength and opening up the road ahead of it by dint of self-reliance can win all glory and victory.

Today the DPRK is confidently advancing towards the grand goal for the comprehensive development of socialist construction, resolutely frustrating, with the strongest military muscle and overwhelming strength that no force can match, the U.S. imperialists' moves to provoke a war, the message said, and went on:

The mightiness and incomparable dignity of our country are a brilliant fruition of the ardent loyalty and patriotism of our people who have always supported the Party's intention absolutely and upheld it with single-minded efforts, regarding all hardships and trials as their pleasure.

Steadfast is the revolutionary will of our Party and people to devotedly defend the country associated with the sacred whole life of the great leaders, our socialist system defended and glorified by the revolutionary forerunners at the cost of their blood, and demonstrate the glory of victors forever, though the road to victory may be very arduous.

Thanks to the great strength of loyalty and patriotism of all the people, strategic resources that can never be replaced by anything, the advance of our state will be further accelerated without letup and the name and flag of the DPRK will shine forever as a symbol of independence, justice and victory of socialism.

The WPK Central Committee in the message wished the war veterans and persons of wartime merits, who gave immortal dignity and honor to our country, longevity in good health under the respects and care of the whole society and expressed belief that all the civilians and service personnel will invariably go along the road of loyalty and patriotism and glorify the history and tradition of victory of heroic Korea forever.

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