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Noble Traits for War Veterans and Disabled Soldiers Steadily Displayed in DPRK
Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- Beautiful deeds of officials and working people taking warm care of the life of war veterans and disabled soldiers have been displayed one after another in the DPRK, adding fragrance to the great socialist family.

Officials of Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School sent various kinds of foodstuffs to a war veteran living in Phalgol-dong No. 2, Mangyongdae District and provided precious medicines necessary for recovering the health of a special-class disabled soldier.

Officials and employees of the State Academy of Sciences, the Mansudae Art Studio, the Ministry of Culture, the Taesong Bank and other units settled with sincerity the problems arising in the health and life of war veterans.

A woman official at the Ministry of Public Health has taken care of a war veteran for over ten years. An official of the Chongjin Railway Bureau, together with employees, newly built a dwelling house for a war veteran living in Chongam District of Chongjin City and provided the war veteran with necessary furniture.

The beautiful trait displayed by a woman official of the Revolutionary Relics Administration Guidance Bureau, who has devoted her sincerity for nearly 20 years to a disabled soldier conducting agitation activities at major theaters of socialist construction, vividly shows the true picture of the Korean society in which virtue and affection prevail.

Officials and employees of the State General Bureau of Design, the Ministry of Land and Maritime Transport, the National Folk Art Troupe and Chongryu Restaurant, too, are dedicating all their sincerity to war veterans.

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