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Steps Taken in Power Industry of DPRK to Cope with Disastrous Climate
Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- Officials and working people in the field of electric power industry of the DPRK are taking timely measures to cope with Typhoon No. 6 with a high sense of responsibility for protecting the lifeline of the national economy.

The Ministry of Electric Power Industry has organized and guided the work to take security measures by inspecting all the generating equipment and transmission facilities, dam structure and protective devices and finding out defects and weak points.

The hydro-power stations concentrate their efforts on perfecting poor spots at floodgates and waterway tunnels and protecting hydraulic structures and generating equipment from strong wind and downpour while closely watching the pondage and water level changes.

Meanwhile, they have made full preparations for rapid response to any emergency by maintaining and reinforcing the floodgate-hoisting facilities and establishing a double power supply system.

The thermal power plants pay attention to checking and repairing in a responsible manner the roofs of boilers and turbine machinery rooms and drainage pumps and preventing coal loss.

Officials and workers of each provincial power transmission and distribution station have found defective and vulnerable spots in transmission lines and transformer equipment and taken relevant measures.

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