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Historic Xiaohaerbaling Meeting
Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- The revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung, who led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory, is shining with his outstanding leadership as he always advanced the Juche-oriented revolutionary line, strategy and tactics and turned adversity into a favorable one and brought about a radical turn of the revolution.

The Xiaohaerbaling Meeting, recorded in the history of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, tells about the undying feats of the President who set forth new strategic tasks and policies of preparing for the great event of national liberation.

Entering the 1940s, the Japanese imperialists made desperate efforts to expand the flames of the war to the Southeast Asian region, not concluding their war of aggression on the Chinese continent. Meanwhile, they made last-ditch efforts to ensure the "security of the rear", intensifying the large-scale "punitive" offensive against the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) and the suppression and plunder of the Korean people than ever before.

With a scientific insight into the rapidly changing situation and the requirements of the developing revolution, the President convened the Xiaohaerbaling Meeting in August Juche 29 (1940).

At the meeting he defined it as a new strategic task to preserve and accumulate the forces of the KPRA, the core force of the Korean revolution, and train them into competent political and military cadres in preparing for the country's liberation.

In order to carry out this strategic task, he set forth a new policy of struggle on switching over from large-unit operations to small-unit operations.

With the meeting as a momentum, the anti-Japanese armed struggle was shifted to a new strategic stage, a stage of struggle for final victory, and after that the fierce flames of all-people resistance spread over the country and at last the historic cause of national liberation was accomplished on August 15, 1945.

Indeed, the Xiaohaerbaling Meeting was a turning point in developing the anti-Japanese armed struggle into a new strategic stage for its final victory and a historic meeting that offered an occasion of epochal turn in making preparations for a final decisive battle against the Japanese imperialists and for the successful building of a new society in the liberated country.

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