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Fierce Struggle for Withdrawing U.S. Forces and Ousting Traitor Yoon Suk Yeol Launched in Region of S. Korean Puppets
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- The fierce struggle to oust the U.S. imperialists and traitor Yoon Suk Yeol who are bringing the dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over the Korean peninsula, obsessed with ambition for hegemony, is going on across the region of south Korean puppets.

Workers, peasants, women, university students, youth and schoolchildren, religionists and other people from all walks of life turned out in practical actions against the war and for withdrawal of the U.S. forces and resignation of traitor Yoon Suk Yeol, irrespective of ideology and jobs.

The Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU), the People's Action, the Progressive Federation of Students, the Teachers Union, the Federation of Women's Peasants Associations and other organizations formed march and vanguard groups and toured all parts of the country from August 7, waging together with the inhabitants of the region the fierce struggle to drive the U.S. forces out of south Korea and eliminate warmaniac and traitor Yoon Suk Yeol.

The march group comprising the people from all walks of life staged actions for withdrawing the U.S. forces and ousting the traitor together with local inhabitants in Sosong-ri, Songju County, North Kyongsang Province, Paekunpho base of Pusan, the U.S. military bases in Kunsan and Ryongsan and other places.

The participants expressed their will with a symbolic ceremony of breaking the U.S.-Japan alliance.

The CTU fighting group toured Sosong-ri in Songju County, North Kyongsang Province, Pusan, Taegu, Seoul and other places to denounce the U.S. imperialists for their atrocities.

At all these places, the organization expressed the anger at Yoon's moves against the people's living and peace, calling for forcing the Yoon Suk Yeol's regime to step down as it is plunging the people into uneasiness while escalating the danger of war, pursuant to the U.S. policy.

The Progressive Federation of Students, touring Puan, Taegu, Taejon, Seoul and other parts, disclosed the U.S. and traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's moves for a nuclear war and its danger and called for turning out in the struggle for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces and the resignation of the traitor.

The participants held meetings and press conferences outside the U.S. military bases, at which they condemned the U.S. forces and the Yoon Suk Yeol's regime for trying to stage the largest-ever joint military drills. Noting that they cannot allow such dangerous deeds, they tore the Stars and Stripes.

On Aug. 8 and 9, the organizations held joint rallies and demonstrations and had press conferences.

Members of the practical action organizations including the People's Action, the Confederation of Trade Unions, the Progressive Federation of Students, the Teachers Union and the Federation of Women Peasants Associations held a rally in Sosong-ri, Songju County, North Kyongsang Province on August 8 to declare the withdrawal of THAAD and the U.S. forces.

A rally was held in Paekunpho on August 9 on the theme of "Withdrawal of hostile policy toward the north!, Halt to joint war drills!, Withdrawal of the U.S. forces! and Ousting of warmaniac Yoon Suk Yeol!"

Speakers at the rally said that it is the reality that the second hand of a nuclear war started to move and the possibility of outbreak of a nuclear war was further raised and that they oppose a nuclear war which the U.S. is going to ignite on this land. They demanded the U.S. withdraw its hostile policy toward the north, and stressed the need to oust pro-Japanese, pro-U.S. traitor and warmaniac Yoon Suk Yeol clinging to the war alliance by themselves.

The participants in a press conference in front of the U.S. 8th Army base in Pusan said that the U.S. bringing the dark clouds of a war should be driven out at once and that war drills against the north including the resumption of the landing operation targeting the north were ceaselessly staged under the warmaniac Yoon Suk Yeol's regime.

At a press conference held in Taejon, speakers said that the situation on the Korean peninsula is getting worse day by day due to the U.S. moves to round off the nuclear war alliance and justify and institutionalize the joint military drills and due to flunkeyist and stateless slave Yoon Suk Yeol who became a shock brigade of a nuclear war and hunting dog of the U.S. and Japanese aggressors.

Media said that even the police and severe heat can never repress the spirit and readiness of angry people from all walks of life with the titles "Let's cut off the war alliance by ourselves!" and "Halt to combined drills, Lets' defend peace by ousting Yoon Suk Yeol!" and that the anti-U.S., anti-Yoon Suk Yeol struggle is devolving into a physical stage.

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