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Int'l Affairs Analyst on Japan's Interference in Taiwan Issue
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- Kim Sung Jin, an international affairs analyst of the DPRK, on Sunday issued the following article titled "Japan is getting closer to its ruin through interference in Taiwan issue":

Amid the international community's growing criticism and concern over the U.S. military support to Taiwan, Aso, vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, recently visited Taiwan, which became another bone of contention.

It goes without saying that the recent visit of Aso, who can not be regarded as a lightweight in the Japanese political circle, was not a foreign junket merely to attract personal popularity.

As expected, he appeared at a so-called "international forum" just after his arrival to say that peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait is important for the stability of Japan and the international community. He talked such reckless remarks that now is the time for Japan, Taiwan, the U.S. and other "countries sharing the same intention" to have a determination to fight and to convey to the other side the clear will that the use of defence power in order to defend Taiwan in contingency will serve as a deterrent.

And it was reported that, at a talk with the chief executive of Taiwan, he made such voluble words that the relationship between Japan and Taiwan should be the one of helping each other in difficult times and sharing joy in good times, and they were long closeted over an evacuation way of Japanese residents in case of Taiwanese emergency.

His visit is an on-site inspection of a warmonger impatient to explode a fire at a hotspot, not merely a foreign tour.

No wonder, world media have unanimously analyzed the recent visit of Aso as a "trip for confrontation that maximizes the theory on threat from China", "reckless remarks inciting war fever" and an "elaborate operation of the Kishida regime".

With nothing can Japan justify its moves instigating the separatist forces of Taiwan to "independence" through undisguised interference in the inviolable internal affairs of China.

In recent years Japan, pursuant to the U.S. policy of deterring China, has got more brazen in interfering in the Taiwan issue, making such powder-reeking remarks that "contingency in Taiwan is just contingency in Japan".

In December last year, Japan issued new security strategy documents full of quibbles that China's military drills and missile launches in the Taiwan Strait pose a threat to the regional inhabitants. And in a "joint statement" made public after the U.S.-Japan summit in January this year, Japan stressed the importance of maintaining "peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait", calling for an "international order based on the rules".

It is an open secret that Japan is willing to share real-time data from reconnaissance drones with the U.S. and Taiwan and the Defence Ministry of Japan is scheming to increase its military forces stationed on an island in Okinawa Prefecture near Taiwan.

Against this backdrop, a vice-minister of Defence of Japan told the reckless remarks that if the Chinese continent uses armed forces in the Taiwan area, Japan is highly likely to provide assistance to Taiwan.

In the 1972 China-Japan joint communique, Japan firmly promised that "it entirely understands and respects the Chinese government's stand on Taiwan". Then, why Japan is now so much vociferated about the question of Taiwan, an inseparable part of China's territory, and is crossing the red line of China.

Clear is its sinister intention. Japan seeks to turn itself into a war state with the backing of its American master and realize at any cost the daydream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" it failed to do in the last century.

Longing for the past days when it used to traverse the vast Asian continent, fluttering the blood-stained "sun flag", Japan is more persistently clinging to the ambition for becoming a military giant than ever before and is clamoring about "threats from neighboring countries" to find a pretext for its realization.

One of the "threats" is "theory on threat to Taiwan". This is clearly evidenced by the fact that in its "defence white paper" announced this year, too, Japan called for strengthening the "Self-Defence Forces" to cope with the military "threat" from China over the situation of the Taiwan Strait and decided to drastically increase the military spending of five years by 2027 to about 43 trillion¥.

The Kishida regime is now making crafty efforts to pave a wide avenue for a military giant, while calling for establishment of a NATO liaison office in Tokyo for the first time in Asia and for strengthened international cooperation to cope with the emergency in Taiwan. But this is nothing but a self-destructive act of further aggravating the regional unstable situation caused by the U.S. Asia policy for aggression and driving the Japanese archipelago into bottomless security mire.

China and other countries in the region are now watching with high vigilance the daily-increasing military moves of Japan.

The present is not the 30s in the 20th century when Japan invented the "Lugouqiao incident" to occupy the vast territory of China, but the 20s in the 21st century.

Japan should not run amuck, properly understanding the Chinese people's firm determination, will, desire and ability for the reunification of Taiwan.

The more desperately Japan interferes in the internal affairs of China, the deeper Japan will be driven into the abyss of ruin.

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