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Rodong Sinmun on Era of DPRK's State-first Principle
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- The era of our state-first principle, the most proud one, is shedding more brilliant rays under the outstanding and tested leadership of the great Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), says Rodong Sinmun Sunday in an article.

The ever-victorious WPK's idea of independence, self-support and self-defence is the great revolutionary idea as it ushered in a new stirring era of achieving the great cause of building a rich country with a strong army by dint of self-reliance, fully demonstrating the dignity and might of Juche Korea and the honor and heroism of the people of a powerful country all over the world, the article says, and goes on:

Independence is the political philosophy of the WPK and the basic foundation of the ideological and mental power of the Korean people.

The WPK clearly indicated the strategy of the eternal phase of the Korean revolution at the beginning of the new century of Juche and has directed primary efforts to building the driving force for building a thriving nation by training the popular masses into ones thoroughly embodying the spirit of independence.

It is the immutable truth of the era of our-state-first principle that the era advances and the might of a powerful country grows stronger as the popular masses' mental power of self-reliance and self-development is displayed.

A powerful country with a firm self-supporting national economy and powerful self-defence capability is the state entity which was brought by the great WPK's idea of independence, self-support and self-defence.

Thanks to the WPK's idea of independence, the DPRK could rise up in the center of the world as a powerful country with tremendous potentiality for development and strategic might by taking the untrodden path and bloody way which others can never take under such difficult conditions and circumstances.

The DPRK has emerged as a world power for more than ten years, a moment compared with its 5 000-year history.

The highest dignity and prestige of the DPRK are the absolute authority of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The era of our state-first principle is a brilliant fruition of his outstanding idea, leadership and ardent love for the people, the article stresses.

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