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Rodong Sinmun on Source of WPK's Political Leadership
Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun in an article on Sunday says that the Workers' Party of Korea could invariably maintain its original idea, adopted when it was founded, for nearly 80 years, always adorning its red flag with victories as it has realized its political leadership over the whole society.

The outstanding political leadership is precisely the high dignity and absolute prestige of the WPK with the longest history as a ruling party, and the invincibility and bright prospect of the Korean revolution winning victory after victory, the article says, and goes on:

It is the basic mission of our Party to definitely ensure its political leadership over the whole society. The brilliant victories and eye-opening successes made in the two rounds of rehabilitation construction and the two stages of social revolution, the grim Fatherland Liberation War and the gigantic socialist construction are linked with the political leadership of the WPK.

The source of our Party's political leadership lies, first of all, in the truth and validity of ideology and policy. Our Party advanced scientific ideas and theories on the basis of profound analysis of the subjective and objective conditions and situation in each period and at every stage of the developing revolution and set the correct direction and strategy of advance and struggle to ensure a steady upsurge and development of socialist construction.

The source of our Party’s political leadership lies also in the ideological work of making the Party’s ideas and policies the ones of the masses themselves.

It is the method of mass leadership peculiar to a revolutionary party to encourage the broad masses to accept its ideas and policies by hearts and turn out as one in implementing them.

For our Party, ideological work is the core of Party work and it is an immutable iron rule to give definite precedence to it over all other work.

Only victory and glory will be always in store for us as there are the great Party clearly showing the path of the revolution with scientific idea and policy and the people upholding its ideas and policies through thorough action, the article stresses.

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