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Young People in South Phyongan Province of DPRK Visit Hyangphung Revolutionary Site
Pyongyang, August 27 (KCNA) -- An endless stream of people of the DPRK has visited the Hyangphung Revolutionary Site on the occasion of the Youth Day.

The Hyangphung Revolutionary Site is a significant place where Chairman Kim Jong Il, together with President Kim Il Sung, visited Hyangphung-ri of Songchon County in June Juche 58 (1969) and kindled the flames of strengthening the primary organization while guiding the work of the Sixth Primary Organization of the Ri Primary Youth League Committee.

Officials of the youth league in South Phyongan Province, cities and counties and young people at the Jangrim Mine, Jangrim Farm in Songchon County, and other units visited the revolutionary site to grasp the personality of the President and the Chairman as peerlessly great men.

The visitors placed bouquets at the monument to the revolutionary activities of the great leaders before being briefed about the fact that Kim Jong Il visited Hyangphung-ri in June 1969 and advanced important guidelines to be consistently held fast to in developing the work of the youth league.

The visitors looked round the democratic propaganda hall and other places of the revolutionary site.

At the revolutionary site, officials of the youth league held a seminar of a work of Kim Jong Il.

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