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Greater Zeal for Competition to Attain Grain Production Goal for This Year Shown at Farms in DPRK
Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- Farms in South Hwanghae Province, the most important agricultural province of the DPRK, are filled with the great spirit to achieve the grain production goal for this year without fail.

The province is bringing about innovations through competition among different areas and units.

It organized competition among units with similar farming conditions and grain-production plans in order to develop the regional agriculture in a balanced way, and has also taken measures to properly overcome the deviations in the competition.

Regarding competition review as important means for further increasing the people's zeal for struggle, the province has offered both political and material rewards to the successful units and persons in a significant way. The province ensures that the rewards promote the labor and life of agricultural workers and make a practical contribution to farming.

After drawing up the competition plan for rice harvest, threshing and planting of winter wheat and barley, it has made preparations to successfully carry it out.

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