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Invincible Power Demonstrating Its Dignity under Leadership of Peerlessly Great Men
Pyongyang, September 8 (KCNA) -- In September Juche 97 (2008), Chairman Kim Jong Il published the immortal classical work "The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Is a Juche-oriented Socialist State with Invincible Might".

The work comprehensively expounds the undying nation-building feats of President Kim Il Sung, the true features of the DPRK embodying the Juche idea, and the tasks and ways for speeding up the building of a powerful socialist country.

The scientific accuracy, truth and great vitality of the immortal idea and theory in the work have been fully displayed since its publication.

The ideo-theoretical guidelines of the work for the building of a powerful socialist country served as a basic cornerstone in making the DPRK shine more brilliantly as a politico-ideological power recognized by the world and as an independent socialist state.

As Kim Jong Il elucidated all the ideas and theories to be held fast to in the revolution and construction, the DPRK could demonstrate to the world its dignity and might as a socialist country of Juche with invincible might despite the tempest of history.

His state-building idea and feats are being defended and creditably carried forward by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

It is the steadfast will of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un to strengthen the DPRK into the eternal state of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Thanks to the distinguished leadership of the General Secretary who is advancing the socialist cause along the road of victory, the politico-ideological might of the DPRK has been consolidated in every way, its military muscle has reached the position of super-powerful force no one dares cross, and eye-opening miracles and successes have been made in the economic construction in succession.

The proud history of victory and glory of the DPRK, which has demonstrated its invincible might thanks to the peerlessly great men generation after generation, is given steady continuity.

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