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Kosan Combined Fruit Farm
Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) -- Apple harvesting is now brisk at the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm, a large-scale fruit producer of the DPRK.

This year, too, the farm brought about a large yield of apples through the application of scientific cultivation method.

Its officials and employees, who provided a sea of apples at the foot of Chol Pass once again, are recollecting with deep emotion the benevolent image of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who visited the farm seven years ago after receiving a letter saying that it reaped a large harvest of fruit unprecedented in Kosan County.

One day in September Juche 105 (2016), the General Secretary visited the farm and went round the orchard, saying with great pleasure that a lot of appetizing fruits hung on all branches of the trees. And he gave special thanks in the name of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea to the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm which over-fulfilled its yearly fruit production plan and surpassed its peak-year level.

He said that the Kosan Combined Fruit Farm should further make a leap forward on the basis of the successes achieved that year, and indicated the tasks facing it, including the issue of leading the whole country in holding high the banner of scientific fruit farming.

True to his instructions on putting the fruit production on a scientific basis, the farm applied dozens of technical innovations, including the manufacture of efficacious agrochemicals with domestic raw materials and technology, in recent years, thus increasing the per-hectare fruit yield.

The farm over-fulfills its production plan every year thanks to the devoted efforts of its officials and employees to put the fruit production on a scientific and mechanized basis.

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