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Large-scale Candlelight Rally Held in Region of S. Korean Puppets
Pyongyang, September 20 (KCNA) -- The public campaign for ousting traitor Yoon Suk Yeol is getting stronger across the region of south Korean puppets.

Civic and social organizations in Taejon, Taegu and other areas held rallies, press conferences and candlelight rallies outside the Taejon City Office and other places.

Speakers there accused traitor Yoon-led group of having destroyed peace, democracy and people's living and brought the danger of a nuclear war since it came to power.

The Federation of Peasants Associations, the Federation of Women Peasants Associations, the Progressive Federation of Students, the Teachers Union, the Confederation of Trade Unions and other organizations of various circles are waging a massive campaign in demand of traitor Yoon's resignation. Speakers there said that they want peace, not war, urging the regime to ensure their right to existence.

After labor organizations declared their will to wage a large-scale general strike, railway trade unions launched a struggle for the resignation of traitor Yoon on September 14.

In the campaigns, launched by regional organizations in Pusan and other areas, occasioned by the general strike in Seoul, the participants scathingly condemned the sycophantic, traitorous, anti-labor acts of traitor Yoon seeking to inflict nuclear disaster on the workers and other people and expose them to danger in cahoots with the U.S. and Japan, expressing their will to bring down the traitor Yoon regime at any cost.

The 4th all-people rally and 57th candlelight action for the resignation of traitor and puppet Yoon took place on a large scale in Seoul on September 16.

Attending them were mass organizations, including the Headquarters of the Movement for Resignation of the Yoon Suk Yeol Regime, the Confederation of Trade Unions and the People's Action, and tens of thousands of people from all walks of life including workers, peasants, poor people, youth, students, religionists.

There took place a rally of organizations of various circles, including the Federation of Peasants Associations, the Federation of Women Peasants Associations, the Progressive Federation of Students, the Teachers Union and the Confederation of Trade Unions, in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul and in other areas.

The participants in the rally marched to their main campaign venue, shouting slogans "Let's bring down the Yoon regime through candlelight resistance!" and "Let's impeach Yoon Suk Yeol!"

The 4th all-people rally took place near the Kwanghwamun Station in Seoul under the sponsorship of the Headquarters of the Movement for Bringing down the Yoon Regime.

Speakers at the rally said that they have never elected a Jap as their "president".

If Yoon is not a Japanese, the question is why he takes the lead in supporting the discharge of Fukushima nuclear-polluted water and producing leaflets and books with the money collected by the people as taxes to advertise "safe nuclear-contaminated water," they held, adding that Yoon regards the ordinary people as his enemy. They called for punishing the pro-Japanese Yoon-led group after forming the Headquarters of the All-People Struggle Movement.

The participants staged a demonstration, chanting slogans calling for punishing the unpopular Yoon regime and bringing down his dictatorship.

Commenting that the political, diplomatic and military situation on the Korean peninsula is getting more and more serious, analysts say that Yoon is getting frantic with the moves to destroy everything of the nation, as evidenced by the fact that if one calls for peace, he or she is termed a traitor by his regime. Since he took power, Yoon has left everything to the tender mercy of the U.S. and Japan, they deplored, calling upon the public to wage a struggle to prevent a nuclear war, check Japan's release of nuclear-polluted water, drive foreign forces out and put an end to Yoon's dictatorial fascist rule.

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