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Pyongyang Schoolchildren's Palace
Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) -- Sixty years have passed since the Pyongyang Schoolchildren's Palace was built in the heart of Pyongyang thanks to the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung.

Over 60 million schoolchildren have grown to be reliable pillars of the country, fully displaying their talents and hope for the past 60 years in the palace associated with the exploits of the peerlessly great men.

President Kim Il Sung initiated the construction of the palace for children after the liberation of Korea and personally chose the site and made sure that a huge amount of funds were invested in the construction of the palace in the period of postwar reconstruction when everything was in short supply.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, in consideration of the desire of schoolchildren and people across the country, saw to it that the statue of President Kim Il Sung was erected in the palace with respect and indicated the orientation and ways for sprucing up the palace as a comprehensive base for schoolchildren's extracurricular education.

The Pyongyang Schoolchildren's Palace has trained talented scientists, artistes and sportspersons reserves in the new century of Juche under the care of the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un who is carrying forward the intentions of the President and the Chairman.

The palace was awarded Order of Kim Il Sung and received congratulatory messages from the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on several occasions. And the palace produced many winners of official commendations and titles of honor including winners Kim Il Sung Prize, labor heroes, winners of Kim Il Sung Youth Honor Prize, People's Artists, People's Teachers, Merited Artists and Merited Athletes.

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