calendar>>October 7. 2023 Juche 112
Maize Harvesting Mainly Finished in DPRK
Pyongyang, October 7 (KCNA) -- The harvesting of maize was finished in the main in the DPRK, thanks to the vigorous efforts of officials and working people in the agricultural field across the country and other people who supported them.

Officials of the Agricultural Commission and agricultural guidance organs at all levels have taken positive and timely measures to mobilize and concentrate all forces and means on harvesting and threshing.

Officials of Pyongyang Municipality, who are conducting intensive on-the-spot political work on every farm field, scrupulously carried out the organizational work to collect maize as soon as it ripens.

Agricultural workers in North Phyongan Province, who sincerely devoted themselves to farming, have raised the operation rate of farm machines to the maximum to hasten harvesting.

Districts and counties in Nampho Municipality finished the harvesting of maize in the right time on the basis of a careful calculation of the harvest date and amount while fulfilling the technical requirements in keeping with the simultaneous acceleration of different farming processes.

The Phanmun and Kaephung districts in Kaesong Municipality has directed efforts to drying and storing maize to prevent even an ear from being lost or rotten.

Officials and agricultural workers in South Hwanghae Province are making a dynamic drive to hasten the harvesting.

The agricultural workers in North Hwanghae Province are pushing ahead with the harvesting of maize at the final stage along with the threshing of grain.

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