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Yangdok Hot Spring Resort
Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- The Yangdok Hot Spring Resort in the DPRK is crowded with many people all the year round.

More than 135,000 working people have enjoyed themselves here this year, feeling grateful to the Workers' Party of Korea.

Lots of people from across the country visit the resort which was built into a comprehensive center for hot spring cure, multi-functional sports and cultural complex conducive to the civilized life of the people and the promotion of their health.

The working people laid bouquets before the mosaic depicting the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and paid tribute to him.

The outdoor and indoor spas are crowded with visitors.

The holiday-makers felt pleasure at the terraced hot springs.

The egg-boiling hot spring is famous among visitors as they can taste eggs boiled in hot spring water.

People are receiving treatment at pine-needle and wormwood hot springs.

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