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First Democratic Election Noteworthy in History of Nation Building
Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) -- The elections of deputies to provincial (municipal), city (district) and county people's assemblies of the DPRK will be held on Nov. 26.

The first democratic election in our country was held on November 3, Juche 35 (1946), 77 years ago.

At that time, there was a pressing need for further consolidating the Provisional People's Committee of North Korea by law and developing it into the People's Committee of North Korea.

Saying that the democratic people's republic should be built in liberated Korea, President Kim Il Sung wisely led the people to build regional people's committees at all levels by their own efforts.

The Second Enlarged Meeting of the Provisional People’s Committee of North Korea held in the presence of Kim Il Sung in early September 1946 adopted the regulations on the elections of members to the regional people’s committees at all levels, and decided to hold elections of members to the provincial, city and county people’s committees in all parts of north Korea on November 3.

At the Fifth Session of the Central Committee of the Democratic National United Front of North Korea and the 2nd Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of North Korea held in September 1946, he clarified in detail the significance of the election of members to the people’s committees and the progressive contents of the election system.

He organized and guided all the work ranging from the drafting of election regulations to election campaign, nomination of candidates and events on the day of election. He found himself among the people to learn about the preparations for election and encourage them to greet the election with high patriotic enthusiasm and labor achievements.

As a result, the historic first democratic election could be successfully held under his wise guidance.

The first democratic election in our country was a historic event in which the working people legitimately exercised their rights as masters of the country and masters of power by electing their genuine representatives with their own hands.

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