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Autumn Tree Planting Begins in DPRK
Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) -- An autumn tree planting began in different parts of the DPRK.

Officials in the forestry sector of North Hamgyong Province went to the cities and counties to issue a plan for tree planting and make them implement it without fail, while demanding that all those mobilized in tree planting plant trees qualitatively.

South Hamgyong Province has introduced an advanced tree planting method and carried out the work of every process such as pit-digging, carpeting of humus and tamping of soil as required by technical regulations to provide conditions favorable for ensuring the rate of rooting.

North Phyongan Province are striving for ensuring the qualitative level of tree planting.

Singye County and other areas of North Hwanghae Province are expanding the area of afforestation, while learning about the weather and climate conditions, soil conditions and symbiotic relation among trees.

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