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Nano Sci-Tech Exhibition Closes
Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) -- The 2023 National Nano Sci-Tech Exhibition closed in the DPRK with due ceremony at the Grand People's Study House on Friday.

On display at the exhibition were achievements and 100-odd exhibits associated with the creative ingenuity and devoted efforts of scientists and technicians in the field of nano technology.

During the exhibition, there were activities of understanding the development of nano technology and its vitality and positively sharing and transferring the successes and experience.

Such proposals and products as the establishment of glauberite-based crystal mirabilite production process and catalysts for ripening grains were highly appreciated for their practical significance.

Present at the closing ceremony were officials, teachers and researchers of relevant and exhibiting units.

Kim Ung Chol, chairman of the Korean Nano Technology Association and director of the Nano Engineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences, made a closing address.

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