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Autumn Tree Planting Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- The autumn tree planting is progressing apace in different parts of the DPRK.

Officials in the field of forestry across the country including the Forestry General Bureau of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection have striven to increase the survival rate of trees planted in spring and ensure the effective operation and direction over the project for planting trees in autumn.

Officials and working people in North Phyongan Province carried out their plan by 107.5 percent, aware that afforestation is the greatest patriotic work for the future of the country.

True to the idea of the Workers' Party of Korea on conducting the forest restoration in a scientific and far-sighted way, South Hamgyong Province planted trees in a thousand and several hundred hectares of areas by concentrating manpower and means.

Jagang and North Hamgyong provinces carried out the autumn tree-planting plan in a short span of time through a mass movement with the main emphasis put on creating forests conducive to the economic development and the improvement of people's living.

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