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Congratulatory Performance Given for Participants in 5th National Conference of Mothers
Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) -- A congratulatory performance was given on Dec. 6 in honor of the mothers who received great blessing from the great Party Central Committee by attending the 5th National Conference of Mothers that demonstrated the resplendent future of a powerful country and the promising prospects of the DPRK's cause amid successful continuity of the proud history and traditions of mothers of the DPRK through the generations.

The venue for the performance was teeming with emotion of heartfelt thanks to the Workers' Party of Korea that crowned mothers with the laurel of all victory won by the DPRK during the advance in the new era and then arranged a significant performance of congratulation.

Among the performers were artistes from important art troupes including the State Merited Chorus and the Samjiyon Orchestra.

Put on the stage were songs of the WPK, famous tunes that adored mothers of the DPRK and other colorful numbers.

The performers touchingly sang the idea that as there is the care of the WPK which they call as the great mother and follow, there is the destiny and future of all mothers and their precious dignity and honor, on behalf of all the sons and daughters of the country.

Lots of children's union members entered the venue to present the mothers with flowers as a token of congratulation.

Put on the stage were also a series of songs in praise of the feats by mothers who have fostered the strength of the country and laid out a beautiful flower garden as a large socialist family with their undivided patriotic loyalty and maternal affection during the long journey of revolution.

The participants in the conference gave thunderous applause to the performers who warmly congratulated and encouraged them with such an excellent performance.

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