calendar>>February 24. 2024 Juche 113
Agitprop Activities of Trade Union Organizations Get Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- Trade union organizations at all levels launched information and motivational activities to inspire patriotic enthusiasm and creative spirit among the working class.

The Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea is conducting organization and guidance to explore the contents and forms and generalize excellent experience and methods in the ideological work.

The trade union organization of the Ryongsong Machine Complex concentrates information and motivational means on the worksites to generate revolutionary enthusiasm and creativity of the workers.

Officials of the trade unions of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex and the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex are also conducting agitprop activities for increased production at shops.

Trade union officials and primary information workers of the Anju Area Coal Mining Complex launched intensive motivational activities to encourage the masses to implement the resolution of the December 2023 Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee. Trade union organizations of the Sunchon Area Youth Coal Mining Complex focus on raising the effectiveness of the field political work.

The South Hamgyong Provincial Coal Mining Complex has secured many reserve cutting faces. It is associated with the efforts of the officials of its trade union organizations who have conducted dynamic agitprop activities for increased production at worksites.

More than 18 000 trade union officials and primary information workers, including those in North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong provinces and Nampho Municipality, have been involved in field information and motivational activities since the outset of this year.

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