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Agricultural Research Intensified in DPRK
Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- Officials and researchers of the Academy of Agricultural Science in the DPRK strive to put the agricultural production on a scientific, IT and intensive basis of higher level.

Officials properly set the order of priority in their research and have concentrated efforts on the core projects.

The Rice Research Institute and the sci-tech learning center have worked out the methods for cultivating nutritive cold-bed rice seedlings in different regions and seasons according to varieties and drawn up measures for minimizing damage caused by disastrous abnormal weather to distribute them to regions across the country.

Researchers of the Agricultural Land and Resources Institute developed a highly effective soil improvement agent and took a step for introducing it.

The Institute of Agro-chemicalization has stepped up the production of seed-coating materials and effective mixed insecticides for rice seedbeds.

The work to put the agricultural production and the guidance over it on an IT basis is progressing apace.

The Agricultural IT Institute further perfected a program for distributing the agricultural science and technology.

The work to establish a tele-questioning and answering system on farming techniques and complete the standard instructions on operation of drones used for crop estimate is also accelerated.

The Academy of Agricultural Science has put spurs to increasing the per-hectare yield and raising the level of intensive farming.

The Institute of Pomiculture conducted a nationwide demonstration of the technology on dense planting of fruit trees.

The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute made achievements in the research into cultivation technology using cylindrical and multi-layer cultivation devices, thus laying a firm foundation for increasing the yield per unit area.

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