calendar>>February 27. 2024 Juche 113
Youth League Organizations Support Farms
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Youth league organizations in Nampho Municipality of the DPRK have sent lots of small and medium farm implements to rural youth workteams and sub-workteams in the municipality.

The municipal youth league committee conducted political work to arouse the league organizations at all levels to the mass support for rural communities and significantly organized an exhibition of medium and small farm implements.

Officials and members of the youth league organizations in Chollima and Kangso districts prepared knapsack sprayers and medium and small farm implements with sincerity.

Youth league organizations in Taean District sent to the youth sub-workteam of the Tami Farm farming materials prepared through a youth shock brigade campaign and a do-good-thing movement.

The youth league members in Hanggu and Waudo districts secured a lot of farming materials and various farm implements and sent them to the youth workteam at the Sinhung Farm and the youth sub-workteam at the Sinryong Farm.

Youth league organizations in Ryonggang and Onchon counties sent many farm implements to youth workteams and sub-workteams at Okdo, Unha and other farms.

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