calendar>>February 27. 2024 Juche 113
Efforts Made in DPRK to Implement WPK's Policy for Regional-Industry Development
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Hundreds of officials, scientists and designers, selected from scientific research institutes, universities and design institutions across the country, have confirmed the production indices and production capacities of new regional-industry factories in 20 cities and counties to be built this year, and are focusing on designing their structures and production lines.

They are striving to complete the technical manuals for building the regional-industry factories in a development-oriented and modern way.

Officials and scientists in charge of compiling the technical manual for city and county foodstuff factories make modifications and supplements to the manual on the basis of the sizes of factories, indices of consumer goods, production capacities, raw materials supply conditions and modernization levels.

Officials and designers of different units, including the National Industrial Design Administration, the State General Bureau of Design and the provincial designing research institutes, are directing efforts to further perfecting the designs of technical processes according to the technical manuals.

Exchanges of experience and technologies are brisk among scientists, designers and technicians in charge of compilation of technical manuals and designing of processes, layout, formation and equipment, etc.

Scientists and technicians of many units are involved in a research and creation campaign for bringing the projects to fruition while guaranteeing their scientific accuracy and economic effectiveness.

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