calendar>>March 24. 2024 Juche 113
Frontline-style Agitprop Activities Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) -- The Chollima Steel Complex in the DPRK is giving full play to the mental power of the workers through frontline-style information and motivation activities.

While introducing successes and positive deeds, the complex orients political and ideological work to make all units unite and advance with patriotism by conducting congratulatory broadcasting for innovators in a regular way.

Officials are displaying progressive working style as competent pioneers and kind explainers who implant the validity of the Party's policies in the minds of the masses and solve in time the problems arising in the readjustment and reinforcement and the revitalization of production.

Researchers of the Industrial Technology Research Institute have solved sci-tech problems arising in production, thus making a breakthrough in the increased production.

The smelters of the steel shop turn out a larger amount of molten iron than planned through the mass technological innovation movement in the spirit of collectivism.

Workers and technicians of the rolling shop have invented and introduced several technological innovation proposals to make a big contribution to the readjustment and reinforcement and growth of production. The casting workshop has increased the production by manufacturing and introducing equipment by itself.

Officials and workers of the fire-resisting material shop, the main raw material shop and the oxygen shop have produced and supplied raw and other materials necessary for steel production in time.

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