April 18. 2024 Juche 113
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Sends Congratulatory Message to Syrian President
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Receives Floral Basket from Participants in Int'l Seminar on Juche Idea
Joint Friendly Meeting with Juche Idea Followers Held
DPRK Premier Inspects Farms in South Hwanghae Province
KCNA Detailed Report on Completion of Construction of 10,000 Flats at Second Stage in Hwasong Area
Russian Artistes' Performance Applauded by Audience
Vocational Technology Education Improved in DPRK
Steps Taken to Ramp up Aquiculture in DPRK
Koryo Medicine Production Units Boost Production
Mass Sports Activities Brisk in Kangwon Province
Fifth Conference of IUAFW Expresses Solidarity with Korean People's Struggle
Foreigners Pay Congratulatory Visits to DPRK Missions Abroad
President Kim Il Sung's Birth Anniversary Celebrated by Overseas Koreans

For Spanish-speaking People
Estimado companero Kim Jong Un felicita al Presidente sirio por el dia de independencia
Efectuado acto conjunto de amistad con los adeptos a la idea Juche
Kim Tok Hun supervisa el sector agricola de la provincia de Hwanghae del Sur
ACNC informa conclusion exitosa de la segunda etapa de la obra de reparto residencial de Hwasong
V Congreso de UITAA expresa solidaridad con la lucha del pueblo coreano

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