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KCNA Report on Fulfillment of National Economic Plan for First Quarter
Pyongyang, April 8 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency on April 7 released a report on the fulfillment of the first quarterly national economic plan for attaining 12 major goals in the new year.

Officials, Party members and other working people turned out as one in the struggle to attain the 12 major goals in the new year without fail and have made innovative successes one after another through their strenuous and vigorous efforts, the report said, and went on:

Officials of the Cabinet and economic guidance organs worked out long-term plans and meticulously pushed ahead with the work to build new industrial bases, secure raw and other materials and carry out the maintenance and reinforcement project, and intensified the operation and guidance for all sectors and units to carry out the national economic plans for every day, every ten days and every month.

Workers in the metal industry carried out their production plans for pig iron, rolled steel, ferrosilicon, iron ore, fire-resisting materials and other major indices in the first quarter of the year.

The nitrogenous fertilizer production plan was carried out at 105 percent throughout the country, and the production plans for various kinds of chemical goods necessary for the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards were fulfilled.

The electricity production plan was fulfilled through a drive for increased production.

The coal industrial sector carried out its coal production plan at 109 percent through an increased production and creation drive and the machine-building and mining industrial sectors fulfilled their plans on all indices.

The freight transport plan was carried out at 104 percent in the railway transport sector, the timber production plan at 105 percent in the forestry sector and the cement production plan at 104 percent in the building-materials industry. And the Taean Friendship Glass Factory, the Ryonggang Building Stone Processing Factory and various other units over-fulfilled their production plans.

In the construction field, the Kangdong Greenhouse Complex was successfully completed, the projects for building 10 000 flats at the second stage in the Hwasong area and building Jonwi Street are nearing completion, and the project for building 10 000 flats at the third stage in the Hwasong area and the rural housing construction are being pushed ahead.

The 124th regiments of the Korean People's Army finished a huge foundation excavation project for building regional-industry factories in 20 cities and counties and launched the next-stage projects in real earnest.

Progress has been made in the project for the irrigation of agriculture.

The tasks for building waterways and building or repairing underground water facilities, planned for this year, were carried out in the main and major building projects have been completed one after another.

A drive for ensuing high and stable yields has been dynamically conducted to suit different farming processes including preparations for this year's farming and sowing rice seeds in seedbeds despite the impacts of disastrous abnormal weather by applying scientific farming methods in rural areas across the country.

Workers in the light industry fulfilled the cloth production plan.

The production of school uniforms, shoes and bags for the new schoolers at primary schools and universities across the country was finished.

The production and supply of textbooks for pupils and students across the country were completed ahead of the new school year at educational books printing plants and the Central Educational Publications Supply Agency.

The seafood and salt production plans were finished at 103 percent and 154 percent respectively.

The signal successes made in major theaters of socialist construction in the first quarter of the year goes to prove the iron truth that the advance of this year will be further accelerated and the victory of all-people struggle to glorify the year 2024 as one of great changes again is certain thanks to the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and the people full of extraordinary patriotic passion and enthusiasm, the report stressed.

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