calendar>>April 17. 2024 Juche 113
Harbor Transportation Boosted in DPRK
Pyongyang, April 17 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Land and Marine Transport in the DPRK has taken scrupulous measures to supply materials and equipment necessary for strengthening the material and technical foundation of harbor transportation.

Officials of the ministry are solving the problems arising in expanding an open storage ground of container wharf in Nampho Port, manufacturing wharf cranes and modernizing wharf No. 9, while encouraging the technicians and workers of the port to display creative ingenuity.

While making technical preparations to upgrade Haeju Port, they push ahead with the modernization projects of Chongjin Port and other ports at the same time.

After grasping the displacement tonnage of the ship-operating units, they have taken measures to make sure that Chongjin Port and other ports carry out the freight transport plans without fail by establishing a well-regulated transport control system for all cargo ships.

The ministry has ensured that the time of entry and departure of freight ships and loading and unloading of freights are well coordinated and that all cargo ships raise their operating ratio through regular maintenance.

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