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Dozens of Science Films Produced
Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) -- The Korean Documentary and Science Film Studio produced dozens of science films this year, contributing to widely disseminating new technological achievements.

Science film "UHP electric arc furnace, core of steel industry" introduces the furnace scientifically in a way easy to understand. It stirs up the enthusiasm of people to acquire the cutting-edge science and technology on their own.

"Insulating fire brick helpful to cutting down the consumption of electricity," "Let us ensure rated power frequency" and other science films contribute to boosting electricity production and further economizing it.

There are also science films introducing the principle of increasing per generator output with existing equipment and coal of low caloric value as well as scientific and technological knowledge essential for the construction of dwelling houses.

Science film "Modern tile production" deals with the streamlined production processes at the Taedonggang Tile Factory and their advantages. The film vividly introduces quality tiles widely used in the construction of modern structures and dwelling houses.

"Otter rabbit", "Fast fattening food additive for pigs" and "Let us prevent slipped disk" and other science films are also helpful to improving the standard of people's living and promoting their health.

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